Student Loans/Pell Grants

Minnesota’s “bold action to make college affordable” results in free tuition

Legislative negotiators have reached a deal to make college free for residents whose families make less than $80,000 a year in order to bolster the state's fledgling enrollment and labor workforce shortage.

Education espionage: FSA “secret shoppers” to monitor higher ed for unethical practices

“Schools that engage in fraud or misconduct are on notice that we may be listening, and they should clean up accordingly,” said Kristen Donoghue, FSA’s chief enforcement officer in the Department's announcement.

Student debt relief moves ‘full speed ahead’ despite temporary block

The program has been ordered to pause until an emergency request by six Republican-led states is ruled on.

Report: Emergency funds saved college students from stopping out

Did the $77 billion given by Congress to institutions of higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a large portion earmarked for students, really...

Dear Mr. President: Please cut student loan forgiveness

A joint letter from 22 U.S. governors addresses their concerns surrounding Biden's student debt cancellation plan, arguing that it places the burden of debt on the taxpayer.

Pell by the numbers: The power of expanding the federal grant program

A new brief from NASFAA reveals the stunning impact that doubling Pell could have on future students attending both public and private institutions.

$605 billion: New Wharton report shows cost of Biden’s loan forgiveness, at minimum

As Democrats and Republicans weigh in, there is concern that his plan could exceed $1 trillion.

Biden announces $10,000 in loan forgiveness, plus $20,000 in Pell relief for borrowers

While Democrats and philanthropy groups rejoice, Republican leaders call the president's decision to push ahead on the massive plan 'bloated' and 'political'.

Will student loan forgiveness worsen inflation? The majority worry it will

President Biden has proposed forgiving up to $10,000 for those who make under $125,000, striking fear among many adults, according to a recent survey.

Biden Administration dismisses $3.9B in loan debt for students defrauded by ITT Institute

ED also puts DeVry on notice over job placement claims as it aims to help borrowers find relief from predatory institutions.

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