International Students

These schools are working smarter, not harder, to boost international student enrollment

With international student enrollment doubling or even tripling, schools' DSO offices are turning to batch system software to process student applications more quickly—and increase employee retention and morale.

U.S.-China relations in higher ed is slipping. That’s a problem.

While a slew of proposed state bills antagonize China and international student enrollment continues to cool, higher education in the U.S. is flirting with losing a student body worth $15 billion to the U.S. economy.

Good news for higher ed: Applications are on the rise for fall 2023

College applications are up for fall 2023, the Common App's latest numbers show, including underrepresented and first-generation students.  

How badly did study abroad programs suffer this past school year?

During the 2020-2021 academic year, participation in the programs declined by 96% compared to the previous year, according to a new report from Open Doors.

How is the Russia-Ukraine war impacting international student exchange?

As uncertainty reigns, colleges and universities must consider the effects on Russians and Ukranians studying in the U.S. and provide robust resources.

These 5 colleges earn high marks for international and study abroad success

NAFSA honors one community college, one public university and three private institutions for their impact on global learning.

What omicron’s global spread could mean to international students

Despite perceived threat of omicron, higher education programs have proven to be adaptable during pandemic.

Open Doors: The 5 key areas hurt by lack of international student mobility

Declines during the pandemic affected education pathways to and from the U.S., but these states and institutions fared best.

Welcome back: Signs of COVID-19 rebound are occurring for international students

IIE's latest fall Snapshot report indicates hopeful signs to higher ed leaders that global restrictions are easing.

The 6 areas that are essential in supporting international students

Challenges remain, but the future looks bright for those studying and seeking more opportunities in the U.S.

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