Alternative Credentials and CBE Programs: Answering the Call for Skills-Based Learning

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Many colleges and universities are responding to the increasing demand for skills-based learning by offering alternative credentials and competency-based education (CBE) programs. These programs help learners gain the skills employers seek; help employers re-skill their workforces; and help higher education institutions reach new learners, increase enrollment, and strengthen community partnerships. While some institutions have long-established programs, others are just beginning to consider how they might better support the needs of learners and employers.

During the webinar, higher education professionals will share institutional strategies and best practices for implementing successful alternative credentials and CBE programs. These will be methods that any higher ed institution can repeat.


  • Hear creative ways institutions are responding to student demand for skills-based education.
  • Learn how institutions are working with local employers to create impactful alternative credentials and CBE programs.
  • Discover best practices for creating alternative credentials and CBE programs, as well as steps that any college or university can emulate, regardless of the technology they possess.

Cindy Carter
VP of Business, Technology, Allied Health, and Workforce Development
Bay de Noc Community College

Mark Gradolf
Product Manager

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