Fast, Simple and Secure: How To Drive a Better Payments Experience for Students and Staff

Original airdate: Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 2:00 pm

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From Boomers to Gen Z, colleges enroll a wide range of students possessing distinct interests, learning styles and not surprisingly, payment preferences. Offering a variety of payment options is critical to keeping up with the expectations of both students and parents, and it’s up to colleges to figure out the right balance.

Join higher education experts as they explore these questions and more from a comprehensive survey of at least 3,000 unique respondents on payment preferences. Additionally, participants will learn best practices on identifying the right partners that can smooth the integration process of billing/payments solutions for students and staff, and how a college followed these and other best practices to reduce their implementation time by 75%.

This informative webinar will answer:

  • What method consumers of all ages prefer to pay their higher education bills
  • Which generation prefers to pay on a website versus using a mobile device and why
  • How working relationships with SIS providers provide a more integrated experience for students and staff
  • How partners can provide resources to help with implementation and onboarding
  • How to implement an integrated billing and payments solution in weeks, not months


Joe Street, Director of Higher Education Sales, NA Doctums Global

Scott Campbell, Sr. Business Development Executive, ACI Worldwide

This event is sponsored by ACI Worldwide.

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